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Detached house

This is a large detached house on three floors, with an indoor pool, an indoor garden and an independent guest house.

Residence in the standards of "Passive Building"

High-impact insulating windows with Automotive Finish, high-deflection capability and Raffstore exterior shading systems. All electrical parts of the frames are connected to a "smart home" KNX system in order to achieve optimal shading and energy saving performance.

Private KTEO - Giannitsa

A metal construction with aluminum frames and special retro-reflective glazing to give the project a special and modern architectural appearance.

Restaurant "Thomas"

In the "Thomas" tavern, a waiting area with folding systems was renovated so that when they open in the summer they become one with the beautiful yard and in winter the large glass surfaces provide a particularly vicious space.

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Stone house

A stone-built raditional house on one floor with a basement and a garage.

Complex of two residences

Two detached houses joined together on a common plot. The pool in the backyard of one of the owners is joined with the interior of the house with a large foldable frame.


Hotel of classical architecture with many modern elements. A large corner curtain wall was placed in the hotel's Lobby / reception to give natural light to the room and in the breakfast room a small patio was built that joins the outdoor garden with the interior.


Modern design aesthetics, on two levels with basement.

Apartment building

Four-storey apartment building with auxiliary spaces and an open pilot.

Traditional house

In this 1850s home he underwent a radical reconstruction. It is now used as a holiday home. However, owners' specifications were too high. At an elevation of 800m it was absolutely necessary to heat the building. PVC windows were used for maximum thermal insulation and aluminum shutters for static and durability.

Two-storey house

Aluminum frames, pvc frames, railings, armored doors and garage doors were installed in the house. All the materials were selected according to the best specifications since the owners wanted "the best for their home". The imitation wood color gives the residence an air of another era and binds very nicely to the beautiful and carefree garden.